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Wednesday, 09 October 2013 07:48

iCare Tonometer Instructions

Turning the tonometer on and loading the probe

1. Press the measurement button once. An LED indicator button lights up for 2 seconds to show battery voltage.

2. Once the LED is blinking, you may load the probe: remove the probe tube cap, and insert the probe into the iCare. The probe should gently drop into place. Do not push the probe into the iCare, because the probe is delicate and easily damaged. It is also possible to damage the iCare if the probe is inserted improperly. Take care with this step.

3. Press the measurement button once. This is the larger button on the top of the device.

4. The tonometer is now ready for use.

iCare instructions

Photo from iCare Quick Guide

iCare instructions

Photo from iCare Quick Guide

Measurement of eye pressure with the iCare tonometer

1. To alternate between normal and automatic measurements, press the mode switch with a pin until you hear a beep. This is usually "admin use only"!
2. During measurement, you will need to look straight ahead only, at a specific point, to be sure that your eye is still.
3. Bring the tonometer towards your eye. Look in a mirror (a handheld mirror, e.g. 5X magnification is fine) to check alignment. The tip of the probe needs to take its measurement from the VERY CENTRE of the cornea.
4. The probe tip should be 4 to 8 mm from the cornea. This can be tricky to set up yourself, and is the reason for the review in clinic initially, to be sure that this is correct.
5. Press the measuring button gently. Remember, keep the iCare machine steady while you press the button. Practise this with your hand held up well away from your eye before trying for the first time.
6. Six measurements are taken. A longer beep is sounded once all measurements are collected, and then the average is displayed on the machine, with the IOP range given.

The tonometer turns itself lf off automatically after one minute of inactivity.

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